Commercial Industrial Rooftop

Tap Into the Vast Potential of Rooftop Solar for Your Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Heli Energy is one of the best solar rooftop companies in India, you can ensure you have chosen the best commercial or industrial solar installation company. We pride ourselves on enabling companies to go green and generate higher returns on their solar investment.

About C&I Rooftop Solar

Turning to green energy and reducing carbon footprint got a lot easier with rooftop solar. With rooftop solar in India gaining popularity, commercial and industrial bodies are increasingly choosing solar energy over conventional energy sources. Adopting solar power is a major advantage to businesses as it significantly reduces the energy costs involved, and can even get profit from the excess energy that is sold back to the grid through metered systems.


Why Go Solar?

Commercial and Industrial solar installation is gaining popularity, revolutionizing the way we perceive energy. The benefits show why sustainability is the new trend.

Electricity bills are eliminated or reduced to minimum
Earn money for the excess energy produced from the rooftop
Insulate building from heat
Easily available via loans and financing options
Reduce carbon footprint, save the planet
Insulated against fossil fuel price hikes

Maximum Loan Amount

Up to 90% loan of the total project value

Depreciation benefits with tax

30-40% of Depreciation rate on installation

Up to 8% Interest Subsidy

Low interest rates that are flexible and tailored to your profile

Interested? Let us help you in choosing right Solar Solution for You!

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