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Heli Energy is one of the best solar rooftop companies in India, It is the most effective way to reduce the carbon footprint on an industrial scale. Your business relies on clean and green energy

Building Solar Parks with Heli Energy

It is a sustainable solution for your energy needs. It requires minimal human labor to run, and no additional resources once the farm is set up. The dependence on fossil fuels is eliminated. Price hikes in such fuels do not affect your business.


Are you looking for a reliable EPC partner for your solar investment? Heli Energy is the Solutions

Investing land for Solar parks ensures that it is put into good use. It also gives good ROI once the park is up and running.

Commercial and Industrial users can avail of Accelerated depreciation benefits for renewable energy under the IT section 32

It provides the energy required to run the industrial facility it is part of. There are no shortage of power supply and unexpected power outages

There is a significant reduction in business operations costs due to negligible energy costs once the farm is set up.

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