Hybrid Solar Power

Power Your Industry / Home not only during days but also in the night

Hybrid projects would also have much higher capacity utilization, thus removing the intermittency challenge. Such projects also enjoy the additional benefit of a reduction in costs associated with sharing transmission lines. Peak balancing through gas and hydro generation shifting, demand management, smarter grids, electric vehicles as well as storage solutions including battery, pumped hydro and others are expected to further help out in smoothening out the variability cause due to nature of renewable energy supply.

Hybrid Power

Variability in Solar and Wind generation has emerged as a concern in large-scale adoption of renewables, especially after it contributes a major share in the energy mix. Hybridization of wind and solar plant is developing a solution which will reduce this variability due to complementary nature of their generation profile - solar generation is higher during the day, while wind generation can be higher in the night.

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With a hybrid solar system, however, the electricity is routed to a hybrid inverter and battery. Once the battery is full, the excess is channeled through a smart meter to the grid’s power lines. This allows the homeowner to retain a portion of the electricity, which can help power the home not only during overcast days or the night but also if there is an energy blackout.

Similar to a traditional solar panel system that is connected to the grid, a hybrid solar panel still uses photovoltaic (PV) materials to collect and convert sunlight into energy. In a traditional system, that electricity is routed to the grid, which allows the homeowner to go without a battery while still being able to access electricity during overcast days or the night.

You Can Get Continuous Power

Due to weather events, aging systems and other reasons for grid vulnerability, the fact is that most Americans experience power outages at least once a year—with many experts saying that experience will only become more common. That leaves many people susceptible to going without power for hours or longer, which is never fun and is often costly (due to spoiled food) or even dangerous for certain health conditions.

You Can Take Full Advantage of a Renewable Resource

A hybrid solar system allows you to get the most energy possible out of your solar panels. By routing the energy generated through a hybrid inverter and into your own battery before kicking back the excess to the grid, you can feel confident that you are utilizing clean, renewable energy as much as possible. In contrast, according to the India. Energy Information Administration, most of the India’ electricity is generated from Hydro and Thermal.

Is a Hybrid Solar System Right for Me?

If you value energy security and are willing to budget for battery replacement every 10 or so years, then a hybrid solar system has very strong benefits. By remaining connected to the grid, you can get power if your panels aren’t currently getting sunlight and the energy has been pulled from your battery. You can potentially also save money from net metering, if that’s an option with your utility company.

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